Architecture Exhibition

The Architecture Competition

The Scenofest exhibit will include the winning and other selected entries from the 7th OISTAT Architecture Competition an international ideas competition which is organised by the Architecture Commission of OISTAT to coincide with the PQ. The last competition in 2003 attracted 258 entries from 38 different countries. The object of the competition is to encourage new ideas for the design of theatres and is open to all.  The entrants are mainly students and young architects, eager for the international exposure which the competition offers. Winners are awarded cash prizes in Prague and a selection of the best entries are exhibited at PQ and published in a catalogue. The next PQ is due to take place in June 2007.
Competition Theme

The aim of this competition is to pose a design problem for a new performance building with approximately 500 seats and to encourage a detailed exploration of this building type and the way in which it responds to a particular set of needs, which will be defined by the competitor. This may be a conventional performance or something more experimental. In this way it is hoped to encourage innovative thinking based on a deeper understanding of the relationship between the performance itself and the architecture, which facilitates it. Collaborations between architects and other theatre practitioners such as directors, designers, technicians, actors, dancers, musicians, or students in those fields, will be welcomed, although it is not an essential requirement. As well as being a place for performances, a theatre is also a public building and its relationship to its setting and the design of its public circulation spaces will be of equal importance to the performance space itself.

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