An Important Message from Birdwoman 

To all National exhibitors, Schools exhibitors and  Scenofestees

Everyone, but everyone who is coming to PQ 07 is asked to contribute to the biggest living artwork we have ever made. 

Its easy !  and Fun!! Just follow the instructions  

Draw a black and white picture of a bird on a blank postcard  ( 10.75 x 15.20 cms ) 

It can be landscape ( horizontal) or  portrait (vertical ) 

Must be an original drawing/painting/collage 

Must NOT be photocopied or digital 

Do NOT sign it on the front 

DO sign it and date it on the back 


When you arrive at Vysta Vyste there will be  3 BIRDBOXES at the entrance.  Post your card into the Birdbox.

You can post up to 5 birdcards

You can post them throughout the days you are in Prague

 Be sure no one sees your card when you post it

At night, Birdwoman assisted by Birdman will open the birdboxes and carefully fix the postcards to make an enormous collage of birds on the wall in  SCENOFEST

The cards will then be sold each day for 10  Exact cash only..birds have no change

You will  not know until you buy one who the artist is.. you might get a famous artist.. you might not  !  You can try to guess who the artists are and buy as many as you like

You can have your bird as soon as you buy it, as everynight Birdwoman and Birdman will empty the birdboxes and remake  Birdwall.

You can trade your bird cards on Birdbay..10% commission goes to SCENOFEST!

All sales go directly to SCENOFEST  to help pay for our Guest speakers

By contributing to Birdwall you are also helping to make a living changing work of art.