Aristophanesí The Birds


Birds virtual exhibitions

The history of flight is the history of a dream: humankindís dream to soar through the sky like a bird.

.Aristophanesí The Birds forms a part of the core foundations of Western Theatre, Greek comedy as well as tragedy, set the basic theatrical formulas that have developed over the ensuing centuries in Europe.  Although written and first performed over 2400 years ago its satire is as applicable to todayís society as it was to that of Athens in 414 BC.  

At the Scenofest over 40 exhibitors will present their responses to the birds as a part of the critiqued exhibition. A virtual exhibition featuring all applications will be online from June the 15th, featuring nearly 150 exhibits.

A key element of The Birds exhibition will be a series of morning critiques for participating students with renowned international design practitioners and educators.

The Birds will allow a truly diverse reflection of international design, practice and education.

The selection for the critiqued Birds exhibition is on line! All other work will be part of the virtual exhibition. It is still possible to send new projects for the virtual exhibition to .

The Birds projects where adjudicated by an international panel of noted designers: Wei-Wen Chang, Maija Pekkanen, Simona RybŠkovŠ, Reija HirvikoskiLeon I Brauner and Jorge Ballina