Birds Application Process



Application for Critiqued Birds exhibition has closed. There has been a huge response to the application, and so selection criteria will apply. All applicants will be contacted By the project Curators with requests for further information, and final participation will be confirmed at the end of February. We will also create a shortlist of replacement exhibitors/participants in the event of first selection withdrawal.

Application Procedure

The application process for The Birds Exhibition will take place in three Phases:

Phase 1 Submission of interest

This is technically complete, although we always welcome new Scenofestees, contact, with any questions or register the PQ Website   to receive the PQ or Scenofest Newsletters.

This initial registration and submission of interest provides us with a picture of initial numbers and interest in participation. Newsletters will be sent with updates and this website will be updated every second month.

Phase 2: Application

To apply for The Birds Exhibition download and fill this application form and send to

The initial application process for all of The Birds Exhibition will continue through to the end of October 2006. (If too many apply, see Practical and Criteria)

Phase 3: Confirmation

By  February 2007 selection will be confirmed.