Bram de Jong

Lecturer SOL10 - The Freesound Project  
Core Competencies
• Good experience in leadership and organization.
• Good knowledge and experience of among other technologies digital signal processing, web programming, database design and programming, windows programming, various audio content analysis methods, …
• Known programming languages include C++, Python, ActionScript 3, PHP, MySQL, and others.
• Good knowledge of various DSP techniques and the mathematics involved.
• Language skills: Dutch (perfect reading, writing and speaking), English (perfect reading, writing and speaking), Spanish (very good speaking, good reading and writing), French (basic reading, speaking and writing)

Employment and project history

Splicemusic – Development Lead : end 2006 – present
Leader of a team of developers working on the website and online music generation system. Working on both the website and the audio algorithms needed for making music online. Using the skilset of python, as3 and C++ for various parts of the project.

BMAT – Barcelona Music and Audio Technologies : mid 2006 – end 2006
Developer and maintainer of a set of software tools for audio processing, audio content analysis, collaborite filtering and web technologies.

Quality Control, Testing and Development of Audio Content Analysis Software : 2005 – mid 2006 Part of a core team of developers working on audio content analysis. Main tasks include quality control and testing of current software, working on the definition of future software and development. Development of the 'Essentia' library, a highly optimized audio content analysis software package, joining the power of both C++ and Python.

Technical Coordinator ICMC 2005 : 2004 - 2005
Technical coordinator and main organizer of the International Computer Music Conference, held in Barcelona in September 2005. The conference was a great success, in many ways superseding the previous ICMC conferences by both organizational success and amount of people attending (400 people, 7 days long). Main tasks included the organization of the scientific part of the conference (paper selection , proceedings, scheduling, …) and main organization leading. URL:

Freesound: Creative Commons Sample Sharing Website : 2004 - present Creator and responsible for the Freesound website. This website, with the goal of creating a huge community-built database of recorded and generated sound grew in a few months to over 180000 users and collaborators. The site, which was party built using MTG technology, is being visited more than 100000 times per month and has become a reference point for sharing of audio files online with a rich and intuitive interface for audio browsing. URL:

Licensing of audio effects and DSP code : 1998 - 2004
• Fruityloops : creation and licensing of high quality audio effects for embedding into highly successful audio software Fruityloops.
• Spectrasonics : creation and licensing of high quality audio effects for embedding into next generation sampler playback engine.
• FXpansion : creation and licensing of audio synthesis modules for embedding into DR008 drum engine.
• Muon Software : DSP Consultancy.
• Plogue Software : DSP Consultancy. : 1998 - present
Founder of around 1998. Smartelectronix, a global community for creative and experimental audio effects, has grown steadily with over 8000 regular visitors during the period of it’s existence. Designer of complete site backend in MySQL and PHP, organizer of community-building features (interviews / competitions / …). Creator of popular creative audio effects and licensing of effects to 3rd party companies.
URL: : 1999 - present
Creator of is a collection of data and audio algorithms, gathered for the music dsp community. Designer of in dynamic PHP and MySQL. URL: : 2001 – 2004
Creator and main organizer of the GhentSessions, an electronic audio performance venue. GhentSessions tries to bridge the gap between culture, audio, performer and listener. 5 successful performance nights were organized with various known electronic artists.

Vision and Medical software : 2004
Analysis of electrocardiogram signals in custom software and development of an easy vision software application for optical recognition. In collaboration with Bert Consulting. URL:

Chemical Analysis Visualization Software : 2001
Creator of chemical analysis software used for displaying chemical sample analysis in Piper- Graphs for Geolab BVBA. The software was created entirely in Microsoft MFC using Visual Studio.

Public Performances
• Presentation of the Freesound project in the Creative Commons symposium Copyfight, June 2005 (  )
• Presentation of the Freesound project at the internationally known Sonar festival, June 2006 (  )
• Project lead for the Caixa Forum mass recording session for Freesound, in collaboration with Jaume Ferrete and Ruben Grilo. August 2006.
• Freesound workshop, presentation and public recordings with Jaume Ferrete. Caixa Forum,
Barcelona, February 2007.
• Teaching a 3 hour course on social networking in the context of Freesound in the Master in Digital Arts, UPF, Barcelona. March 2007.

Prizes and Honors
• Premi Ciutat de Barcelona (2005): the Freesound project won the highly prestigious Premi Ciutat de Barcelona for Multimedia.

Academic Record
• Diploma High School (Lyceum Ghent, 1996)
• Candidature Diploma Engineering (University of Ghent, 2001)
• Diploma Basic Spanish (University of Ghent, 2004)
• Diploma of Music and Flute (Academia of Ghent, 1991 - 2000)

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