Chris Van Goethem

Scenofest Web Master and Technical Theatre group leader
Vice Chair of The OISTAT Education Commission
Technical Consultant and Lecturer at RITS, Erasmus Hogeschool Brussels 

Group leader for Video
Scenofest webmaster

Antwerp, Belgium
Skype: chrisvangoethem
Mobile: +32(475)781990
Chris Van Goethem started in 1983 as a technician in a rental company, as most of us in this time. Before he had been active in non-professional school- and community theatre. By self-education he became stage manager and travelled around Europe with a lot of Belgian companies. Later on he started to work as consultant and educator in technical theatre. His fields of interest are Light, production and special effects. He is involved in international projects like Scenofest, ADSL, Svoboda Thematic Network, ITS / Batard festival, Wakha-Wakha, EuroMei and OISTAT EduCom.
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