Dave Hunt
Lecturer AudioScape 3D  - a new ambisonic platform for sound design  
BA Physics, St Peter's College, Oxford,1970. MA granted in October 2002.

Freelance Sound/Recording Engineer/Producer since 1982.
Has own sound studio in London.

Speech and music recording for records, CD, TV, theatre and film.
Records with Michael Nyman, David Cunningham, Dennis Bovell, Adrian Sherwood, The Pop Group, Spizz Energi, Landscape, Tony Coe, Pigbag, Steve Beresford, Tony Hymas, Frank Chickens, Mike Cooper, Diamanda Galas, Vic Reeves, Gavin Bryars, Andrew Poppy, Grand Union Orchestra, David Toop & Max Eastley, et al.

Soundtrack production for live and AV events.

Designed, rigged and operated sound systems for trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, product launches, concerts, cabarets, openings of airports, stations, factories etc.

Soundtrack recording and consultancy for AcquaMatrix, a large multi-media event at the Lisbon Expo, 1998.

Soundtrack production and playback for the unveiling of The Albert Memorial, 1998.

Sound Designer for Faith, Mind and Living Island zones at the Millenium Dome, 1999.

Sound Designer for Sonic Boom exhibition at The Hayward Gallery, 2000.

Music recording for ŒBollywood Queen¹, a feature film released October 2003.

Technical manager for ŒCut and Splice¹ series of concerts, Sonic Arts Network/BBC Radio 3, 2003-2006.

Sound installations with Gavin Bryars, Max Eastley, David Toop, Arnolfini Gallery, Cape Farewell.

Ongoing research into Ambisonics and Electronic Art, Middlesex University.

Primary developer of AUDIOSCAPE 3D software


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