Dorita Hannah


Workshop Leader
STRANGE ENCOUNTERS: alien bodies performing in the city of prague  
Dorita Hannah is an Associate Professor at Massey University's College of Creative in New Zealand, leading the interior and performance design programs. As an architect and scenographer her focus is on the intersection between space and performance. This has allowed her to operate as an interdisciplinarian on a variety of projects and research interests, ranging from design for performance through to buildings, exhibitions, fashion and installation. She has practiced as a designer on a range of international projects including the ‘HEART of PQ’ (Prague, 2003), a site-specific installation for PQ03, and ‘HER TOPIA: A Dance Architecture Event’ at the Duncan Dance Centre of Research in Greece (Athens, 2005). She has run performance design workshops in New Zealand, the UK and Belgium and has presented and exhibited her design-work internationally, including at the Prague Quadrennial (1995 & 1999) and the World Stage Design Exhibition (Toronto, 2005). Dorita is very interested in how we fold contemporary technologies into our design practices and presentations. She aims to harness the virtual and the fictional to present the visceral and the real… something theatre has been doing for thousands of years.