Henk van der Geest
Light group leader  
Henk van der Geest started working for the Netherlands Opera in 1973. From this moment he developed from technician to designer just by practice while there was no education in his country. He traveled in the beginning of 1981 to the United States with a grant from the Ministry of Culture to get a greater knowledge of his profession. He met and assisted lighting designers on- and off Broadway in New York, San Francisco Opera and Santa Fe Opera and the Santa Fe Theatre Festival.

Back in the Netherlands he was one of the first lighting designers in his country working freelance and lit many productions in various disciplins in his own country and abroad. He functioned as resident lighting designer for Opera Forum and Intro Dance and he designed the world premiëre of 'Naïma' for the Netherlands Opera. The first theatre play he lit was 'Hamlet', and after that he lit hundreds of theatre- and dance productions. Dance, Musical and Grand-Scale outdoor projects are on his list.

With his theatrical background he introduced drama into the Architectural World. Starting with exhibitions, he became a Museum-lighting specialist. Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping Malls and Leisure Centers are other clients, for interior as well as exterior lighting.

Occasionally he realises autonomous work’s of light art.

Henk van der Geest is head of the Lighting Design Working Group of the Scenography Commission of the OISTAT since 2001 and vice president since 2005.

more info: http://www.henkvandergeest.nl