Igor Drevalev
Workshop Leader: Scenography of a Sound. Philosophy of use of a sound environment at modern theatre.  
Director, composer, playwright.

Igor is a graduate of the Musical College and  the Moscow State University, Department of Philology and  the Russian Academy of Dramatic Art, Directors' Department.

Productions and music for many theatres in Moscow and around Russia, he also has a number of television, radio and musical credits.

For many years he studied philosophical, religious and esoteric doctrines and the rituals of using sound of different countries and cultures, ancient and modern, the influence of a sound and intellectual sound systems upon human mentality and a life, different theatrical traditions, he has also carried out theatrical experiments with sound on various stages.

Igor has taught; “Basis of Direction" at Russian Academy of Dramatic Art, and “Music and Sound in Theatre" and “Esoterics of a Sound" at Moscow High School of Scenic Arts.