Workshop leader Distorted Bodies

 Since graduating at the Academy of performing arts in Prague, department of stage design and costume design in 1977, she has designed over 500 stage`s. (set and costume) for opera, drama, ballet and for television and film.

She collaborated with many Czech professional theatres in Finland, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Greece and Hungarian, too. 

Since 1989 she has started teaching in Academy of performing art-department of stage design and design and in 1999 was appointed a full professor. Currently she is a chief of department of costume design and mask./Bc and MA level/.Project`s of costume and mask/ Black and white, Baroque and rococo, Forest/. 

Her set and costume design has been exhibited at Salon of stage design in 1989,1994,2005,PQ 2003 in Prague,at Triennale in Novi Sad/ Yougoslavie/ 1981, 2001 where she won gold medal twice and in Poland and USA in 2005. 

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