Jay Bolotin

Lecturer TTT03 Flights of Imagination  
Jay Bolotin was born in 1949 and grew up on a large working farm in Kentucky, USA. He began making sculpture from fallen trees at age 6, and writing songs at age 13.

Jay has combined visual art and music in a form of theater he continues to develop. “Limbus: an opera for mechanical and human actors” in which both the mechanical sculptural set and the music and text is Jay’s work, was produced in 2001 by the Opera Theater of Pittsburgh.

More recently, a movie he constructed out of his woodcuts, and for which he also wrote the score, has been exhibited in several visual arts venues in the US (including the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, and The Georgia Museum of Art) and will make its debut in Britain in 2008 at the John Hansard Gallery, Southampton, England. “The Jackleg Testament, part one: Jack & Eve” is part one of a planned trilogy of motion pictures .

The San Diego Union Tribune has called the recently completed (Dec. 2006) Part One of the Trilogy, ”.........remarkable......meticulously  vividly imagined.....”

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