Jean-Guy Lecat
Scenofest Performance Space Designer

Workshop Leader: “Simplicity in Theatre is very sophisticated”
 Adaptation of a space to the theatrical process today


Technical director and space designer for many directors and the last 30 years with Peter Brook, Jean-Guy Lecat was charged particularly with research and the transformation or creation of more than 200 spaces throughout the world* A book that tells his work with P. Brook to transform spaces around the world is published: “The Open Circle” A. Todd J.G. Lecat – Faber and Faber. “El Circulo Abierto” Alba editorial, s.l.u.

Today, Theatre-Consultant at the side of architects, he takes part in creation of :

- With the architect Frank O. Gehry and Hug Hardy project for “Theatre for a New Audience a new theatre in New York.

- Construction of a new theatre “Teatro Azul de Almada” Lisbon opening in June 2006.  

-  A new ‘theatre spaces and theatres school’ in old factory in Verdal Norway opening in April 2006.

-  Transformation in Madrid of “Naves del Antiguo Matadero” to theatre, music and dance spaces first operation summer 2006.

-  Construction of a new theatre “The New Young Vic” in London opening in 2006.

-   Consultant for the owner of “The Round House” for transformation of an old locomotive depot to a theatre in London opening in june 2006.

-   Consultant for children theatre “The Unicorn Theatre” in London.

-  Fitting out for “St Francisco ballet” dance festival inside of an 18th century building in Paris. 

He designed recently: -In Madrid the set, costumes and lighting for Strindberg play “Miss Julie” - A set in paper and lights for  “Himalaya”  a Dance Company in Montreal - Set for Thomas Bernhard’s play “Der Theatermacher” in Lisbon - The set of the Operetta “La Périchole” - In Dublin the set of “Titus Andronicus” - In Lisbon “Othello” by Shakespeare, Set, costums and lights for “Collected Stories” by D. Margulies in spring 2006 – Set for Mahagonny by Brecht in Madrid in September 2006 – Set for The Tempest by Shakespeare in Glasgow in October 2006 - A ballet in India in November 2006. The opera The Clemence of Titus  by Mozart in Lisbone.


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