puppet design/special theater effects

Workshop leader TEA  PAVILLON

1972 worked on puppets in revues in cabarets, and found their enchantments 1973 founded the puppet theater Doremiza, as a puppet designer and a performer in live shows, television (till 1978)
1978 joined Atelier Chaos the special theater effect factory, engaged in live theater and TV shows founded the Puppet Company Guinneko Shokai. Chief puppet designer and scenographer of the company. Major works in Guinneko Shokai: Mechanical Stage in the Puppet Punch 2 "Il Presente" Puppets and objects in KURO SOLO 1 "half moon"
1984 Founded the Watanabe Factory@ Puppets, masks and special effects in theaters and TV shows Major Woks puppet design and construction for Theater Hakase the body puppet group mechanical props design and construction for Komatsuza the live theater mechanical props design and construction for Kabuki puppets and mechanical props design and construction for Opera Theater Konnyakuza Puppet construction for Education Channel in NHK 1999 as the chief of the arts and construction section, he worked with Mr. Petr MATASEK, and contributed in the Alternative and Puppet Theater Project 2000 Workshop HEAVENLY FOREST Puppet Design and Construction to mention: Puppet and scenography in Children's show in Theater Ningyonoie Puppet design for Dance Love Machine (butoh group) show in Taiwan Puppet design for Guinneko Shokai "Yattaze! Jack no Ya-Ya-Ya" Puppets and objects in KURO SOLO 1 "half moon" Puppet design for Hyakki Dondoro "Reality of Dream, Dream of Reality: Happy End" Puppet design for Theater Suginoko "Pictorial Folklore: Foxes'Wedding" (in UNIMA 1988 Festival) Puppet design for the Tokyo Musical Ensemble "Sanshodayu" Puppet design for the Yukiza "Gulliver in the Water"@ Puppet design for the Mikazukimaru "Story of Lie"

 Overseas Woks
1990 Edinburgh Theater Festival (Scotland), with Chijinkai "Hagiwara Kengyo"
1997 Charleville-Mezieres Marionette Festival (France), with KURO SOLO 1 "half moon"
2000 Magdeburg UNIMA 2000, with Hyakki Dondoro "Memories of Water, Dreams of Grass" Charleville-Mezieres Marionette Festival (France) and Arnhem Images Festvial (Netherlands), with Hyakki Dondoro "Miroku Densho"
2001 Puppet design for Ulrike Quade's ""Zijde (Silk)"
2004 Opening Show for the Summer Workshop of the Institute in Charleville-Mezieres (France), with Hyakki Dondoro "Reality of Dream, Dream of Reality"

Recent Works
Puppets, masks and mechanical props for playwright Mr. Chong Wui Shing Puppets, objects and mechanical staging for puppeteer KUROTANI Miyako Special effects and staging direction for Hyakki Dondoro Direction and support for young artists from the Puppet and Alternative Theater Project 2000

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