Workshop Leader
STRANGE ENCOUNTERS: alien bodies performing in the city of prague
Lilja Blumenfeld has completed a MA Scenography at CSM College of Art and Design, London (UAL) in 1996. Since1999 she has been holding the post of a Professor, Head of Scenography at the Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn.

She has designed more than 40 productions in different theatres of Estonia and recently designed a production of Yerma at Arcola Theatre, London. She has won domestic and international awards for her artwork. Her and her students‘ work has been exhibited in Prague for several times, in WSD 2005 she presented her scenography for Hamlet (Drama 2005, Festival Award). Since 1998 she has been an active member of OISTAT Education Commission, and in 2006 she was elected an interim chair for the History and Theory Commissiom. 

Lilja is currently working on a doctorate at the School of Motion Picture, Television and Production Design/ELO, University of Art and Design, Helsinki (UIAH).

Based on the The Merchant of Venice by Shakespeare, her doctoral research titled The CUT-Project: Cutting the Flesh of the Other is an interdisciplinary study of human condition and performance space combining melodrama, silent film, and theatre. Drawing on the dominant „pound-of-flesh“ theme she explores the possible scenographic representations of the implied ‘cut’-motif of the play, seeking new ways to express the dark comedy through the ridiculous and the tragic.  Her reading of the play-text will thus reconsider the story through ‘bond/cut’ (‘self/other’) relationships. Being the central concept of the research, ‘the cut’ is to become the overall theme of the project.