Liběna Rochová
Workshop leader At the Edge of Fashion Form  
THE CURRICULUM VITAE of the creative activity of Liběna Rochová is extensive. She has been active on the Czech fashion scene, which she frequently represents abroad as well, for many years, and her professional qualities and abilities enable her to design theatre, film and scenic costumes, gowns for singers, as well as ordinary commissions, pret-a porter collections, and last but not the most prestigious of fashion designer’s domains:the design of unique model collections. The model collections of Liběna Rochová resounded with creatively conceived fashion waves of the last quarter of the 20th century. These included in particular loose and arranged forms introduced into European fashion by the Japanese, aggressive sculpturally modeled clothes of the 1980’s, as well as the postmodern sexuality and minimalism of the 1990’s.These collections, conceived for clothes manufacturers, and shows of model collections for large sponsors elicited general respect thanks to the overall conception and style complemented with original accessories, such as shoes of Rochová’s own design ( made by Pavel Zapletal and recently also by the modeler Vladimír Bábor ), jewelry by Marie Uhlířová and Miroslav Štěpánek, and other accessories.
AS LIBĚNA ROCHOVÁ’s fashion design does not focus on pret a porter but rather endeavors to create the conditions for free model series or solitaires, it leans towards art, rater than pure fashion.
AS TO THE MATERIALS used and the execution, Liběna Rochová is a staunch believer in quality and execution meeting the most stringent requirements. That is where spontaneity and the domain of expression end serious construction begins: the elegance enthusiast turns into a careful and diligent worker.
THERE IS NO DOUBT that aside from free style creations, Liběna Rochová shows na equal aptitude for a smart suit, well-designed skirt or winter coat. Even there, she abstains from imitating, and where he does follow examples, she merely follows up on her own previous creations, bringing features she merely hinted at previously to perfection. ( hj )