Mariaelena Roqué

Lecturer TTT07 Extreme costumes as living Art  
Born in 1952, is a Venezuelan-Catalan artist. In Caracas during the 70s she became a member of various new theatre, cinema, photographic and contemporary dance groups.Later on individually Deep investigation and studies made “the costume” her principal tool to expresses herself on stage and art works, working for this proposal with absolutely any interesting material collected in her  exhaustive travels and research on continents, (old and new textiles, industrial, ethnic, metal,…) to create special and individual  characters on performers. As well  she developed later  scenic props  to act together, or with the costume from the performer´s action   and personal-own character . Since 1982  until today lives in Catalunya  where started  her work  in exclusivity with Carles Santos,  as performer and creator contributing in the building of the musician and director´s theatrical “mise en scene” visual  language.

The company Carles Santos is formed by both of  them where they have  acted together as artistic directors and main creators,Two individual  retrospective exhibitions in Barcelona took place in 2OO6-2OO7,actually on tour , showing most of  the last 2O years of their work together in their different fields.

The last piece of work is “El Fervor de la Perseverança”, a soap opera represented in El Teatre LLiure on November 2OO6,turing this year in Europe.

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