Marina Raytchinova 
Scenofest Project Organization, Dissemination and Funding
Chair, OISTAT Education Commission
Scenographer, resident designer at TBA, 
Associate Professor of Scenography, National Academy of Art
Chair, Scenography Guild, Union of Bulgarian Artists
President, Bulgarian Centre of OISTAT
Mobile: + 359 898 5353 99
Skype: Marina Raytchinova
Since graduating from the National Academy of Art in Sofia in 1985,  Marina has designed  over 100 shows for companies, including the National Theatre, Theatre “Bulgarian Army”,  Theatre “199” -   Sofia,  Dramski  Theater -  Skopie, Macedonia, Tvorcheskie Masterskie - Moscow,  Russia, Clarence Brown Theatre -  Knoxville, USA.  Her costume  and set design has been featured at PQ in 1987, 1995, 1999, 2003 and at WSD  Gallery Exhibit– Toronto 2005.  Marina was curator of the Bulgarian national exhibit at PQ’2003.

She has served  as faculty and set designer at the Department of Theatre, University of Tennessee, Knoxville and  has been guest lecturer at the University of Nebraska, University of Kansas,  Furman University,  USA; RITS, Hogesschool  Brussels; UT Design Seminar - Salzburg; North Karelia Polytechnic, Joenso, Finland;  Mimar Sinan University, Istanbul.

As part of OISTAT Edu Comm  Scenofest team organized the Puppet Days program at  PQ Scenofest ‘03.