Workshop leader TEA  PAVILLON  
1974 joined a puppet theatre. as a puppeteer.

1977-2002 founded the Puppet Company "Guinneko Shokai". Produced and performed in 13 shows. (At the same time, joined a BUTOH group. )

1994 studied in Czech Republic, supported by the Japan Foundation.   (mentor; Mr. Josef KROFTA and Mr. Petr MATASEK )

1995 returned to Japan, started solo performances

1998    invited Mr. Petr MATASEK to Japan and organized "Alternative and Puppet Theatre Project 2000" to find potentials in modern puppet theatre in Japan . Thereafter, KUROTANI define her creation as follows. genre:Gray = The Grotesque with obeying objects and selfish bodies, or with selfish objects and obeying bodies Code names are used in the genre:Gray projects, and they vary depending on the collaborators ([]the code name/ " " the title) 1999 [Ku in Ka] "performance progressive note 0" (solo) 2000 In the excellent puppet show honoring system, "Alternative and Puppet Theatre Project 2000" won the special award

2001 joined "Japan= Malaysia modern drama collaboration" as puppeteer Performed with Pantomimist "Uwagoto"(duo)

2001 Performed with Pianist "Debussy 12 prelude"(duo) Joined "Hyakki Dondoro" work. "happy end" (solo) [GYORINKAN] performance "wandering" (duo)

2003 [GYORINKAN] "wandering" performance tour(Thailand, Laos ) In the excellent puppet show honoring system, [GYORINKAN] "wandering" won the silver prize. [Ku in Ka] performance "progressive note 1" (solo) genre:Gray workshop, experimental performance "the moon daughters" (direction)

2004 [Ku in Ka] performance "progressive note 2" (solo) [KUROSOLO] "half moon 2004" (solo)

2005 [Ku in Ka] performance "progressive note 3" (solo) [ake_miya] performance "memorabilia" (ensemble, direction) 2006 A continuous workshop by a fixed member stated.      Live improvisation with objects [KUROSOLO] "SYU INN" (solo) [ake_miya] ‘memorabilia’ invited to the IIDA PUPPET FEST


Overseas performances

1987 European street performance tour
1989 European street performance tour (second)
1991 Kiev (former Soviet Union) international puppet festival invitation
1994 Granted by the Japan Foundation, studied in the Czech Republic
1997 "half moon" was invited to the Charleville-Mezieres International Marionette Festival in France.
1999 "half moon" invited to Switzerland Fribourg "half moon" performed in 14 theaters in the Czech Republic
2001 joined "Japan= Malaysia modern drama collaboration" as puppeteer
2003 "wandering " in 16 sites in Thailand and Laos Others Experienced in the Kabuki theater that is the traditional Japanese theater and the TV puppet show as well.

Puppet projects with people with schizophrenia has been continued for years. KUROTANI Miyako's NINGYOGEKI (puppet play) expression consists of the puppet(s) and the puppeteer(s) whose relationship generates stories of image. Respecting Dr. Henryk Jurkowski (theater scholar in Poland), KUROTANI recognizes the puppet theater as the theater art of puppet and puppeteer . In her understanding, this feature makes puppet theater unique from live theater. At the same time, KUROTANI's mentality is based on old Japanese KUGUTSU spirit. She is on an equal level with a puppet, and spirits move back and forth between the two as if such unique expression is an illusion. Through endless training for higher technique, she expects and seeks for the outcome of the primitive power beyond any intended creation.