Nick Rothwell
Lecturer AudioScape 3D  - a new ambisonic platform for sound design  
Composition, systems, performance --

Nick Rothwell [Cassiel] is a composer, performer, software architect, programmer and sound designer. He has built performance systems for projects with Ballett Frankfurt, Vienna Volksoper and Braunarts, and has worked at STEIM (Amsterdam), CAMAC (Paris) and ZKM (Karlsruhe).
He has composed soundtracks for choreographers Aydin Teker (Istanbul) and Richard Siegal (Laban), and has performed with Laurie Booth (Dance Umbrella, New Territories), and at the Different Skies Festival (Arcosanti, Arizona), the ICA, and the Science Museum's Dana Centre. Current projects include performance systems for Quartet (with director Margie Medlin), interactive video for E-Merge (with choreographer Jane Turner), surround sound for the media gallery at The Public, interactive installations for Sonic Arts Network and TECHNE (Istanbul), a planetarium gig in Colorado, live electronic scores for VJ gigs with body>data>space, and a Portable Choreographic Artefact in collaboration with Ricochet Dance Productions.

Recent projects:
Sonic Arts Network commission: "Triptychos" (2005, shown at TECHNE Istanbul, 2006) Triptychos is a digital media triptych, transforming the realtime images from a video camera into an abstract graphical music score, and interpreting the score to play an interactive, algorithmic soundtrack.

Audiotierra (Sonic Arts Network 2006)
Audiotierra is an audiovisual software ecology, based on the original Tierra artificial life project by Tom Ray. A virtual computer runs a Darwinian operating system supporting a population of artificial organisms. The operating system allows for mutation and recombination of the organisms' DNA, and the resultant code remains functional enough that the process of natural (or perhaps, artificial) selection manifests itself.

Developer of AUDIOSCAPE 3D software and integration with Visualiser

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