Petr Matásek

Petr Matásek Czech Republic
Scenofest Puppetry Project Leader

Professor at DAMU - Prague and International Educator
Scenographer and Puppet Designer 

Scenofest Puppetry Project Leader  
He does not remember ever wanting to do anythink else but what he is doing now.

„I do not overrate the aesthetics of the Prague periphery, the more I get further from my childhood, the moor legendary it seems to me, so I can say that I was brought to scenography by wreckage.“ Post war Žižkov was not dissimilar to the magic of Kamil Lhoták’s pictures, although the reality was rougher. Wrecks of old cars, Czech and German, lay everywhere, rust-eaten bodies of cars on blocks of wood which made it possible to play the most entertaining games. His path towards theatre lead through his interest in biology and butterfly drawings, and through Secondary School of Applied Arts in Prague - Žižkov (1958-1962), which opened a lot of so far unknown horizonts. He was enchanted abowe all by Jiří Trnka’s animated film, but he did not have the patience for animation.

He studied scenography at the puppetry department of the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts (1962-1966), and envied his schoolmates-actors their extroversion.

„Something from that longing to be also an extrovert has remained in me, and has been transfered to the fact, that my stage designs are not static and illustration-like, but they are meeting the actors and encourage them to action.“ He has found inspiration mainly in sculpture, especially in kinetism.
After graduation he became the chief designer of the Divadlo dětí in Pilsen (1968-1974). From far avay he edmired the Thetre DRAK in Hradec Králové, where in 1974 he has becam the stage designer and the head of scenography and has stayed there to year 2000.

Petr Matásek knows the new blood in puppetry and scenography from the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, where he teaches since 1990. At the same time he guests in theatres and leads a number of workshops around the world as in Australia, Denmark, England, France, Iceland, Norway, Japan, Tasmania, U.S.A., Austria, Finland, India and Canada.