Radivoje Dinulovic
PhD, architect
Head of the Scene Design Department, University of Arts, Belgrade, Serbia

Workshop leader: Exploring Diversity of Potentials: advantages and limits of using urban environment as a performing space

Dr Radivoje Dinulovic, architect, is Head of the Scene Design Department, doctorate programme at the University of Arts in Belgrade. He also teaches architecture at the universities in Novi Sad and Banja Luka, as well as Architecture of Performing Space at the Faculty of Drama Arts in Belgrade. 

He is author of over one hundred architectural and urban designs, out of which 16 for theatres in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Russia. He worked on nearly 60 theatre scengraphies and created nine of his own. He is a co-founder of the Yugoslav Performing Arts Association and Biennial of Scene Design, unique performing arts exhibition in the region of South East Europe. 

His students exhibited their work at the Venice Biennial of Architecture in 2004, then in Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. They also received international awards for their architectural work and were offered scholarships in Germany, USA and UK.