Reija Hirvikoski



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Doctor of Arts Reija Hirvikoski has been a Finnish, professional scenographer since 1979. She studied scenography 1979 – 84 (UIAH) and her dissertation Tahdon tiellä (Where there's a Will there's a Way, the Role and Position of the Scenographer) was published by University of Art and Design Helsinki in 2005.

Reija Hirvikoski has been designing stages, costumes and sets for movies, TV and theatres and has mounted over hundred productions all over the country with
classics, musicals, dance, children and new drama (many of them world premieres). She has had a designer company See 3 Finland Ltd on her own since 1990 and the firm has made many designs for brochures, posters, exhibitions, furniture and interior designs for offices (Editorial offices; Broadcasting offices, MTV3 News house and News Studio 2001). She has been a quest lecturer in many Finnish Universities and vocational schools.

Reija Hirvikoski is also the president of Finnish Oistat Centre, Chair Elect (2009) to Scenography Commission of Oistat, member of IFTR/FIRT and Finnish Theatre Researchers Association. She has won as a first Finnish female scenographer Jussi - award (Finnish Oscar) 1987 from visual design for the movie The Snow Queen. She was awarded with the State’s artist-grant for the whole year in 2006.

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