Tim Scott
Lecturer AudioScape 3D  - a new ambisonic platform for sound design  
B.Sc. (Hons) Audio Technology

1998–Present – Serious Records, Mute Records, Toko Records, Junior Boys Own, Kingsize Records & own label binary records.
Part - Time Musician
Have been working on numerous projects under several different names.
Achieved several commercial releases most notably 81 in National Chart April 2000.
Set up a recording studio Kingston, Surrey.

1998–Present - Paul Gillieron Acoustic Design
Part - Time Acoustic Consultant
Worked on several large projects including RADA, the Royal
Festival Hall and The Royal Court Theatre
Learned to use CATT Acoustic Modelling software.
Created the company website
Developed and maintained PGADs SONIC IMAGING SYSTEM, based on the Lake HURON processor

1993–1998 - Cummins Engine company
Part - Time Computer Consultant
Designed several windows applications in Delphi and complex Excel spreadsheets.
Training company staff to use PowerPoint and Excel

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