Babel Tower Activities

Building A New Babel

In the Central Hall the tallest of the three halls, with its glorious arched ceiling we celebrate the dreams of man to escape the confines of gravity and provide an interactive continually developing forum for ideas and collaboration.

At the centre of the Hall an unfinished skeletal tower of Babel will offer a unique exhibition, workshop and interactive presentation space.

Virtial Babel exhibition

The Babel Bell

Sound design for all

Before each presentation on the Scenofest stage the Babel Bell will toll. This will not be a bell in the traditional sense, but a loudspeaker.  Submissions will be invited from both students and professionals to create a sound, which will act as a 'call' to the Scenofest stage. It is hoped to have a different 'call' for each presentation or event.  We will be encouraging practitioners and students from all fields to submit wav files or MP3's for consideration to Steve Brown. So, whether you are a Scenographer, Costume, Sound or Lighting designer, who has imagination and access to a simple audio recorder, your contribution will be welcome.

Submissions are still welcome. Entries to be .Wav or mp3 files and lasting no more than 30 seconds in length

Babel Moments

Every day at 6.45 pm
Students from a combination of practical workshops running across Scenofest will exhibit the results of their works within the Babel tower. These may take the form of static installations or additional live performances. Only time will tell, the creation of these events will be at the hands of those involved in all Scenofest workshops, 6.45pm will be a time to witness the true possibilities of collaborative potential. 

Designs for Babel        

In Prague in 2007 students from around the world are offered an opportunity to present through a common language of design, concepts in 2D renderings and photographs of model and project work for a New Tower that reflects their contemporary society and culture. This exhibition will form part of the lower section of the Babel Tower created at the Scenofest.

The base of this tower will offer approximately 20 panels 2000 high by 1000 approx wide for flatwork exhibits from a range of responses from international student Set Designers, and Scenographers.

The application is closed.