The Birds Parade and Workshop

A Multicultural Peace Parade

OISTAT Scenography Commission and PQScenofest celebration Birds Parade 15th of June

All PQ and Scenofest participants are invited to celebrate in this extraordinary festival of design.

A co-coordinated theatre and carnival parade will begin from the grounds of Vystaviste at the close of evening activities on the first day of the PQ. Gathering outside the palace, a procession will meander down the river towards the old town square. An informal gathering and celebration of all participants will bring the PQ and Scenofest into the center of Prague for an evening of fun and friendship.

This street theatre and carnival parade will bring the themes and joy of the Prague Quadrennial to the Czech People and tourists alike, letting them know about the extraordinary experiences to be found across the river at the PQ.

We request participants from all over the world to bring national dress if they wish, or theatre costumes to wear in celebration of the Prague Quadrennial

Stilt walkers, street performers and clowns are encouraged to attend.

The parade is based around the work produced in an all day workshop creating objects, banners, giant flying beings, and oversized carnival costumes.
All is loosely centered on the theme of "The Birds."

This Art parade will speak out for the value of multicultural exchanges and multicultural art to create peace and understanding in our world today.

Workshop leaders:  Laura Crow, ROLANDO “rollie” M. DE LEON, Loyce Arthur, Clary Salandy, Elio Miralles Rodriguez, Treva Reimer
And also: Matthew Caine, Bill Brewer, Rita Geerts, Jocelyn Rago, Christa D’Ans, Tina Matussey, Canan Goknil, Hilary Baxter, Hakan Dundar, Susan Tsu, Lisse Klitten, Julie Forchammer, Sunniva Thelestam, Tali Itzhaki, Virginia Vogel, Abigail Hammond