Documenting Scenofest


ScenoDigital Exhibitions

Scenofest will provide digital exhibition space at Scenofest for Scenography, Set, Costume, Puppetry Lighting and Sound design. Scenodigital Designers will be invited to produce work related to the main themes of Scenofest and form part of an online digital exhibition that will open Scenofest to an audience beyond Prague 2007.

Scenodigital will provide a platform for virtual designs, digital film, sound and digital images.

Documenting Scenofest

The PQ and Scenofest 2007, will be the largest ever international festival of design performance,

The full programme of exhibitions, lectures, workshops and performances, will present a unique picture
of current world design practise.

It will bring together in an forum of creative exchange, the leading world practitioners with the future of design.

The Scenofest are building a team of volunteers from across a wide range of archiving and documenting fields to record this extraordinary event. See Scenofest Volunteers