Scenofest Publishing Project

The project’s aim is to both document and report Scenofest and the PQ. However, emphasis is also placed on sharing and publishing our thoughts and experiences of the Prague Quadrennial and Scenofest. We will be doing this in a variety of ways - in the daily PQ newspaper, online and at the exhibition itself on a large collaborative “mood-board”


Scenography - The Theatre Design Website ( are our online partners and will be hosting daily news, articles, discussion forums, a communal blog and personal user galleries for the project - all of which you are invited to contribute to. Additionally there is a Myspace PQ Archive page which you can view at

PQ Newspaper:

The project will submit content to the daily paper; this will include editorial, news and articles, as well as photographs and artwork. Content submitted to the newspaper will be both pre-arranged content and selected content from the online blogs.

At PQ/Mood Board:

It’s important to remember that Theatre Designers and Scenographers are artists, not journalists! With that in mind, we want to document and share the event in formats that celebrate our creative impulses. We encourage volunteers and participants to sketch, photograph, and document not only the literal and factual, but also the spirit and essence of PQ. We will be building a collaborative “Mood-Board” at the PQ on which visitors and participants can pin sketches, photos, writing, notes, fabric samples, litter, dinner receipts... anything!

What Can You Do?

The project is open to anyone attending PQ and Scenofest, there is no limit to the number of participants, you can do as little or as much as you like.

To take part in the project, get in touch with us using the contact form on this page.