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Scenofest 2007 will run for ten days between June 15th and June 24th

Scenofest 2007 will provide students, young practitioners, teachers and experienced professionals with an unforgettable experience. The Scenofest team have created a range of activities for participants from as many performance design areas as possible. Whether taking part in one of the major projects or in the special workshops, or just being at the PQ and Scenofest and seeing the huge range of design work, and visiting the performances. Your attendance to this unique factory of creativity is welcomed and encouraged.

To simply be at the Scenofest will be a unique experience, presenting an opportunity to sense the creative possibilities of the world of performance design. 

To volunteer to be a part of the creative or administrative Scenofest management team, will let you be a part of a dedicated team, of students, young practitioners, experienced professionals and educators sharing a wish to make Scenofest an unforgettable event.

To be a part of one of the Scenofest exhibitions, performances or workshops, will introduce you to working practices from around the world, new friends and future international collaborators.Some of the projects are mainly designed for students; although recent graduates and young designers may be eligible

Come for as long as you can; during the 10 days of Scenofest you can absorb new cultural influences, change your attitudes towards design and make new friends for life!!!!

The website contains information relating to all of Scenofest, not just the major projects,  read through carefully, and contact info@scenofest.org  with any questions.


Thank you,

The Scenofest Team