Daily at SCENOFEST ! 07  starting promptly at 12.30 – 2.30pm in the Theatre Space

Top Ten Talks at PQ 2007 aims to bring to Prague significant theatre artists who might inspire young SCENOFESTEES.   SCENOFEST provides the opportunity for  SCENOFESTEES to meet with cutting edge practitioners in an informal atmosphere.

These Top Ten Guests  come from very diverse disciplines and backgrounds, but in all cases are examples  of challenging creative artists who are making new pathways ahead.  2007 builds on the programme of Great Partnerships and Design Excellence shown at SCENOFEST 2003, but  this time demonstrates the broader movements of the past 4 years including :

Designers ‘ making ‘ their own theatre productions 

The influence of Fine Art Practice in Theatre

Scenography and  unusual spaces

Crossing the borderlines of theatre creation

Program (Click on the name of the lecture to find out more.. )

15/6 TTT01 Mariaelena Roqué (Textile/Costume Artist ) Barcelona
and Ivan Garcia (Opera Singer)
Extreme costumes as living Art
16/6 TTT02 Jiri Nekvasil ( Director) & Daniel Dvorak ( Architect/Designer ) Czech Republic Film as a medium for staging Chamber Opera
17/6 TTT03 Jay Bolotin (Fine Artist/Animateur ) USA Flights of Imagination
18/6 TTT04 Danila Korogodsky ( Scenographer/Director )Russia/USA
Dmitry Krymov
(Director ) Russia
Adrian Giurgea
(Director ) Romania/Russia/USA
New spaces and new Ideas in Russian Theater Today
19/6 TTT05 Richard Hudson Stage Designer ( Great Britain ) Theatre as a Graphic Space
20/6 TTT06 Uwe Köhler ( Director : Theater Titanick) Germany The Collective Voice
21/6 TTT07 Krystyna Meissner ( Poland ) Theatre Now - A World View
22/6 TTT08 Michael Levine ( Director/Designer ) Canada The Designer as Director
23/6 TTT09 Heiner Goebbels (Sound artist/composer/Director ) Germany Engineer of the Imagination
24/6 TTT10 Adam Pollock ( Opera Director ) Great Britain A TRIBUTE TO THE LATE MARIA BJORNSON

All Top Ten guests will attend a Birds Critique on the morning of their talk with SCENOFESTEES and other guests, and this is a chance for SCENOFESTEES to meet directly with the speakers they will hear later in the day.

Top Ten Talks will be chaired by Pamela Howard.  Each talk will have strong visual material to show the artists work.    The talks will be in English,, with translations in some cases. Talks will be professionally recorded.  Transcripts may be available for a small cost for research and non-commercial purposes only.

Note..the doors will close at 12.30 pm and no latecomers will be admitted.