Dear colleagues, light design students and young light designers,

My name is Yvon Muller.
I'm a young Scenographer from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Four years ago, at the Scenofest festival of the PQ 2003 in Prague, I attended at a lighting workshop within the 1:4 model theatre, together with 10other young light design students.
Back then; I especially enjoyed the conversations we had together, sharing our differences and similarities in our experiences with light and own TlightcultureU.
This year, another PQ Scenofest festival, is being organised in June2007 in Prague.
And this time, instead of participating in a workshop, I hope to continue the conversation with other young colleagues in a more original way.
Therefore I made up a plan to create a lighting performance with a group of other young lighting designers from around the world, working together on this Scenofest festival.
My most important goal is to get in touch with other young lighting designers and to start the dialogue about the universality of lighting design. Following my ideas: 

The lighthouse of Babel:

Light is a universal language. Light designers can quite easily work in other countries around the world. But light does have it 's own cultural aspects.

This is particularly shown within the history of Fine Art. You can think about the differences in working with light between the Italian Renaissance masters, the Dutch light of the 17th century, the German Romantic paintings, the French Impressionists, the American (magic) Realists and the Spanish Surrealists.

I would like to gather a group of about 10 young lighting designers from different countries and cultures and to ask them all to start a research on a great Fine Arts master from his or her own country, who had a fascination for light. My idea is to let everyone design his or her own interpretation of that specific light into the space of one small shoe-show-box.

Next I would like the group of designers to all come to the Scenofest festival in June 2007 and to bring their show-box with them.

There the show-boxes will be the starting point for the artistic conversation about cultural specific differences of lighting perception and design.

Through discovering similarities and differences between all our own tunnel visions, I would like to create a universal beacon of light by designing together a lighting show for the Tower of Babel, within the central hall of the PQ.

I have asked for a presentation moment for this show within the Tower of Babel, so that we can create our own Lighthouse of Babel for that moment.

The public will enter the lighthouse as if entering all the small show-boxes at the same time together.

Standing in the hall way and looking up to the ceiling, they will experience a lighting show within the tower, on the walls and above them, direction the sky and beyond...


I'm searching for colleagues, young light designers and students lightdesign, who would like to work together with me on this project for the Prague 's Scenography Quadrianale, the Scenofest festival in June 2007. Who would like to start a research on a great master of Fine Arts and design his other own interpretation of that into a show-box?

Further I would like to ask the young designers who are interested to think about funding for the realisation of the lighting show at the PQ 2007. I have applied for a fund in my home country, which can donate me an amount of1000 euros for the realisation. It would be a great result if all designers could bring the same amount of money into this project, so that we will be able to work with good materials, spots, and further lighting facilities. 

I hope to hear from you, to get in contact and work together on this project and to meet you in Prague, June 2007!

Greetings, Yvon.

For further information: Please send me an email: