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Do you want to work with meI want to work with you!

LightingDesigners like to take part in Scenofest projects as collaborators with scenographers, costume designers, sound designers, puppeteers and collegue lighting designers. Scenofest brings the opportunity to meet and share with people from other countries, from all over the world, in meeting cultures and collaborating. And as opposed to Babel to understand and to have great experiences.

The heart of the lighting design workshops and masterclasses is the philosophy of the collaborative process. Scenofest actively encourages students in lighting design to seek and establish collaborative partnerships.

(Tower of Babel, Call to young lighting designers from Yvon Muller)

The workshops 

Practical workshops, presentations and masterclasses run over the 10 days of the PQ at different locations in the Central Hall as well as in a controlled theatre environment near to the main exhibition hall.  The workshops will explore philosophy and practice of state of the art technology, and study the relationship between light, space and dramaturgy. (Workshop details)

The Lighting lectures

Leading lighting designers will present examples of their work and share their thoughts related to lighting design practice. (Lectures details)

The 1:4 Model Theatre

Provides an excellent opportunity to explore lighting design in this 1 to 4 scale model theatre, participants from all background are encouraged to work together under the supervision of leading lighting designers, and explore and understand the potential of lighting design and the relation with other fields of the making of theatre. (Workshop details)

Site specific workshops

Lighting found spaces in Prague.Exploring theatrical architectural lighting both external and internal, working with leading lighting design practitioners and educators with a focus on the effects that can be achieved with new technology and the control over the technology to achieve drama and content in those area's. (workshop details)

Lighting Babel Moments

Reaching for the Heavens (SCW01 & SCW11), Collaboration across all disciplines to create two late evening installation/performances on the 13th and the 18th of June.

Additional workshops

Light Group Leader: Henk van der Geest