Scenofest Evenings at the NoD

In the centre of Prague The NoD( No Dimension) a venue for experimental theatre and arts, will become a Scenofest workshop space and a vibrant evening centre for Scenofestees.

The NoD during the day will be a centre for 2 major 5 day workshops led by Jean-Guy Lecat with final presentations on the 16th 17th and the 23rd and 24th of June.   

The NoD (No Dimension) is already a centre for the creative experimental Arts in Prague

The NoD is a place to meet CZECH artists, designers and performers

The NoD will offer an evening meeting place for all who come to Scenofest

The NoD will offer a late night bar and café in the centre of Prague

The NoD will offer an internet café

The NoD will become an evening venue for Scenofest activities

The NoD will offer Scenofestees the opportunity to present experimental spontaneous performance

The NoD, will be the place where Scenofestees relax in the evenings

The NoD closes at 1.00am

The NoD stays open later for special evenings.

The NoD will take the day at Scenofest into the night at Scenofest.