A man descends below a city into a labyrinth of passageways and sewers, knowing his way though he has not seen this place before. The walls of the tunnels move past, now turning right, now left, now stretching off ahead as he travels deeper. Perspective is stretched, shortened, twisted and wrung, sense of direction is lost. A web of images is woven, at turns poetic, grotesque, dizzying, nauseating, naked, transcendent and visceral.

Inspired by Gustav Meyrink's novel The Golem, “Ghosts” is a journey that finds the searcher face to face with himself. This piece explores a parallel between the seemingly ominous yet beautifully mystical environment of the West Coast of Canada, and the atmospheric, spiritual Prague in The Golem.

Danielle Fecko: Creator/Production Manager
Naomi Sider: Creator/Designer
Jackson Andrews: Creator/Performer