About EL PÚBLICO by Federico García Lorca
Lorca’s play as a reflection of our work at theatre. Who are autor? Who are director? Who are actors?... Who are theatre? A searching of a new way of theatre: "El teatro bajo la arena" (theatre under sand)

"Theatre is the poetry which rises
from the page and is made human."

“El público / Publikum / Audience / Das Publikum” is a little know play of Lorca. Quite surrealistic, is the reflection of his and our theatre’s idea. The intention is to perform an multilingual small-show with voice, projection, elements and movement (flamenco)
Eufrasio Lucena Muñoz, concept and scenography / performer
Martin Vokoun Director
Magdalena Frydrychová, Dramaturgy
Sara Puchowska, Choreographic assitant
Barbara Wojtkoviak, Costumes