The Bandits of Maria Culm
„Bandits of Maria Clum „ is an historikal play , written by Heinrich Cuno, who was inspired by an urbal legend about an old catheatral/grave of human bones. It has been played since more than 100 years on bohemian and german stages.

Figures of the acters

It is quite a religious story , about a young lower class girl, who catches, with the fait in MARIA , a dangerous gang of bandits,  and so is alowed to marry an upper class boy.

The Story is told by two strange figures, who almost seem to be baggers.

One is the figur of an “holy wather salesman” who wants to tell the story in order to make money He is a man with an salesbox full of small bottels on his belly, dressed with linnen trowsers and a long arm middel age shirt. He is played by Gerd Kempe.

The second person is a young women , who actually still got some belief in Maria left, and who really wants to touch people. She wears a speciallc scirt, which she partley will take of to form new scenes. Also her top –ÄRMEL- will be specialy prepared. On one hand She is his assistend, on the other hand she is the one who keeps the money togetter. its unclear if they are a coppel, butthey know eace other blind. 


According to the religious theme, the stage will be a ca. 2 meters high madonna, which will be carried on a small carrige and shall have the charakter of a proccesion figur.

Sie will give with her outstreched arms a background for the play and a changeabl scene place. She will not maynlly play as a figur herself, there is just a short sceen planed of her mouving eyes to heaven.


The puppets are about 35 cm high, with statik bodys ( which are actually more to stand if the figur is not imeadetly needed), but very flexibel and removeabel heads, which will get there moving bodys by parts of the acters kostumes.  To play the existing subtext,  ceartain created heart for each of the caracters will be used.

This play is koncepted for street theater, more preciasly on mittelagemarkets. It will be played at an open space, the audience will mostly stand. The way of playing with the puppets is open, the acters are also acting as individual figures.

Already the way to the happening place, will be part of the theater.

While Anika is carrying the MARIA, Gerd is walking forward praising his healing water to the audience, with lound voice,

Beatrice Baumann, scena and puppets
Anika Petzold, actres , puppeteer
Gerd Kempe, scena, actrer, puppeteer