Reach the Heaven- Tleskac Phenomenon

When we were assigned to create a performance inspired by the topic „ Reach the heaven “we decided to use the notorious Czech story about Jan Tleskac, a young boy who decides to construct a flying bicycle, as used in a book „The mystery of a brain-teaser“by Jaroslav Foglar. Tleskac’s character is surrounded by a mystery and all we know about him comes only from his diary which gives us a big freedom to interpret his life story.
The most inspiring component of our performance was a stage design: There are three basic spaces for the stage: Tleskac’s own space - the cube; a locksmith’s workshop - his school; a church where he goes to peal the bell. The movable cube made of timber and cardboard allows us to remodel, cut out and vary the stage space during the performance. The workshop is also movable as we used two work tables equipped with fluorescent lamps - typical for the workshop atmosphere. The church space is determined and symbolized by its acoustic properties. Lighting is also very important component: For one of the characters we use the light and voice only. We also tried to use practical prop lights of the respective spaces- a lighting of the cube (candle, lamp), lighting in the workshop and in the church. We were working with perspective, acoustic and physical laws, game and fantasy. All these are characteristic elements for Tleskac, the playful boy who reached the heaven only few days before he mysteriously dies falling from the bell tower. How symptomatic: a flight is in the opposite of a fall.