Artfactory birds
“Birds artfactory” is a dynamic art laboratory. A transitional place of media artists and their managers and customers.
Above all, it is a physical and mental personality show of each age.
The gods are part of the acoustic-spatial installation.
Pictures, objects, light and sound are actors with equal rights and are therefore composed dynamically-temporarily in space.
All of the nine students are both part of the factory and composer of all employed media.
Our  issues are process, progress and temporal results/ incidents of encounters and actions.


Andy Besuch:       Ratefreund/ ?
Lisa Däßler:          Byrd and others
Jana Farbach:                 “
Lea Klein:                        “
Odette Lacasa:               “
Josef Schmidt:     Hoffegut /?
Linda Sigismund: Byrd and others
Alexandra Tivig:              “
Nele Wangorsch:           “
Saskia Wunsch:             “