The aim of the project is to show theatrically as a presentation or a performance, during the SCENOFEST events in the Prague Quadrennial 2007, different points of view, cultural focusing, concepts and skills about a common subject matter into the area of the costume and the theatrical character, coming from diverse Design’s Schools. The matter is very simple: the relationship between the four nature’s elements, in the western culture, and four well-known female characters from the classical theatre.

The characters and the elements are: Euripides’s “Medea”, the Fire; Garcia Lorca’s “Yerma”, the Hearth; Chejov’s “Nina” from “The seagull”, the Air; Shakespeare’s “Ophelia”, the Water.

The participating schools should create a performance (no more that 10 minute length) will show, using as many expressive techniques as possible, the results of the reading and their translation to the stage of those four myths combined with the four elements. 
Academy of Fine Arts, Maastricht Hogeschool
Institut del Teatre
Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramatico – Madrid