What the Cat Dragged In
‘What the Cat Dragged In’ is a short play inspired by Aristophanes’ ‘The Birds’. The story takes place in an imagined Ireland of the future. It depicts the country in the aftermath of an economic boom known as the Celtic Cat. The play’s themes are universal, conveying the effects of over development on a land and its people, and the systems which allow this change to take place. Using many different styles of puppetry, including marionettes and rod puppets, the play is filled with movement and colour. Each puppeteer takes on a number of roles, with the set itself playing a part as it closes in on the farm it surrounds. Backstage projections convey the land, as the heights of the trees soon become the site of high-rise blocks.   
Sue Meehan: Writer/Director
Emma Fisher: Head Designer/Puppeteer/ Producer/maker
Elizabeth Brett: Puppet Designer/Puppeteer/Maker
Antonia Salter: Puppet Designer/Puppeteer/Maker
Andrew Mills: Sound Designer/ Puppeteer
Teresa Gallagher: Stage Manager/Maker