Cockpit Sea

Somewhere out there at the immense ocean, Cockpit Sea floats along. From this particular spot, a salty couple is in charge of everlasting swell and a proper sea breeze, delivering the ideal billow here or a hectic storm there. The overwhelming powers of the worlds seas right under the thumb of a twosome with blind faith in one another. That is... up to now. 

COCKPIT SEA is a co-production by students of both set design and performance departements of Theatre academy Maastricht. The performance is made from the starting point ‘the set as an active counterpart of the actors’, specially for the Prague Quadriennale. 

COCKPIT SEA is made and performed by:

Esther v.d. Pas and Claudia Warmer – set design
Marius Bruijn and Evelyne Verhellen – performance

Geert Jonkers – project coach
Theatre School Maastricht and the Academy of Fine Arts Maastricht
Hogeschool Zuyd University.