Freeman Gallop

“Freeman Gallop” is inspired and driven by the bizarre thought processes of a woollen-hatted dream-weaver sifting through the memories hung on her washing line. Using a synthesis of live action and media, delicate object animation, original soundscape composed by Max Perryment, circus-inspired movement and absurd dialogue on absence and presence of broccoli’s feelings, “Freeman Gallop” comes together to convey the phantasmagorical journey that is for her, daily life. Scene transitions happen invisibly, comparable to the irrational development of thoughts in an unconscious mind translated into a miscellaneous visual language. At its core lies a continuous crossover of props, costumes, projection and body to create its overall moving set and innovative puppetry. In context, this leads to a smooth shuffle between the incomprehensible, the entertaining and the poignant.    
Anisha Fields, Performer
Eva Liparova, Performer
Joe Connor, Performer
Sam Bailey, Performer
Charlotte Cassidy, Stage Manager
Sam Smith, Lighting Design
Gabriella Gerdelics, Costume Designer
Max Perryment, Composer
Parrot {in the} Tank