University of Leeds, UK, Theatre Academy, Finland, Massey University, New Zealand and Carnegie Mellon University, USA are proposing a two-phase project where students from different countries collaborate, during the first phase, in developing scenography via the internet then meet together in Prague to realize a performance that occur outside of the theatre space, in and around the site of the PQ exhibition.

Phase1: website

We have set up a NE(s)T website at and students are in the process of getting to know one another by posting their own ideas, responding to others and beginning to form small transnational groups within the project to develop ideas for performance. (Current images from staff and student pages from the website are attached.)

The groups will develop their ideas for performance via the web and in the light of information about the possibilities for an eventual performance in Prague. Wherever feasible, they will try out ideas locally and then share and discuss results via the web.

Groups will also liaise with other groups to achieve some sense of conceptual and aesthetic cohesion between them.

Phase 2:  Prague

Staff and students meet in Prague during the first few days of PQ bringing with them any elements that have already been created. Students might also need to gather additional materials in Prague.  Proposals made via the website will need to be reviewed in the light of the actual performance possibilities. And we will need to spend some days together agreeing, completing the ‘making’ process and rehearsing before the performance can take place.

We envisage a mode of scenographic performance that draws on street theatre, procession and carnival. We are anticipating that it will include; costumes/objects to wear/manipulate but no setting as such. Lighting and sound will not be supported by the usual theatre facilities and will therefore require innovative approaches to portable possibilities.

Leeds University, UK
Kathryn Grady
Jess Simpson
Jessica Wood
Anna-Marie Batho
Kate Green
Laura Hughes
Massey University, NZ
Danielle Casey
Chris Ulutupu
Emma Ransley
Marina Davis
Theatre Academy, Finland
Aleksi Linnamaa
Omar Truco
Ina Niemela
Jussi Saivo
Carnegie Mellon Univeristy, USA
Devon Allen
Loren Barton
Jake Degroot
Dale Fanning
Erick Leininger
Jason Read
Sam Zarn
Hyorim Lee
Loren Shaw
Emily Lippolis
Maddie Keller
Jennifer Schwartz
Laura Bacon
Katie Stebbins
Austin Jephson
Jesha Chen
Nick Nussrallah
Joslin McKinney, Leeds University (project co-ordinator)
Scott Palmer, Leeds University (project co-ordinator)
Sita Popat, Leeds University (project co-ordinator)
Kris Popat, (website designer)
Sam Trubridge, Massey University
Markku Uimonen, Theatre Academy Finland
Allen Hahn, Carnegie Mellon
Susan Tsu, Carnegie Mellon
Anne Mundell, Carnegie Mellon