Intimate Klüver

Intimate Klüver is a film on telematic textures and intimate wearables, created for a diptych screen projection in a dark gallery. The film portrays movement observed close-up and transformed digitally to render certain representations of intimacy and sensuous experience in the wearer as well as in the perception of fabrics worn.

The audience is invited to come into a dark room where two image projections (with stereo sound) appear side by side, evoking the networked studio environment in which we create the transmission of digital information and interactions between performers in a local site connected with performers in distant sites (USA, Japan, Brazil). The questions raised by the two streams (films) address the paradoxical combination of seductive “private” garments and virtual partnering, intimacy and distant reception.

Michele Danjoux: Fashion Designer
Johannes Birringer: Choreography & Filmmaker
Nottingham Trent University, Art & Design
Brunel University, Drama & Performance.