Labcoats on Clouds
Labcoats on Clouds uses a layered progression of viewpoints to explore micro and macro aesthetics as they apply to a very old idea. It is an abstract perspective of the creation and existence of life, the paradox of man and his “progress,” and the ever-present and never possible goal of human divinity—the very human struggle to be "more than human.” Born into a world in which we create, things can begin, be built upon, and crushed at the hands of other powers that we cannot control. Still, we persist in creating a world as we personally wish to experience it. Perhaps we are already gods? Using interactive technologies and new media, Labcoats on Clouds explores the fundamental and ontological characteristics of individuals struggling to communicate and create, and the implications of our decisions and actions.   
Laura Arns: Staff Advisor, Envision Center for Data Perceptualization
Stephen Barnes: Scenic Design
Matt Brisbin: Animation/Techology
Carol Cunningham: Co-Director
Jason Ducat: Sound/Technology
Tony Galaska: Lighting Design
Christy Jacobs: Performer/Visual Design/Choreographer
Rob James: Sound/Lead Programmer
Ron Shoemaker: Performer/Technical Director/Sound
Ingrid Shults: Visual Designer
David Sigman: Faculty Advisor
Rick Thomas: Co-Director
Fabian Winkler: Faculty Advisor, New Media
Onur Yazicigil: Visual Designer
Purdue University Department of Visual and Performing Arts