The Rotting of Tycho De Brahe
The last few hours of Tycho De Brahe’s life. Guided by Jeppe, Brahe’s court Dwarf, Johannes Kepler interacts with Brahe’s past dictated by supernatural Golum creatures. Kepler wrestles with the ethics of using Brahe’s research to prove Copernicus correct. Design driven, the Gollum’s “play within a play” distills certain events of Brahe’s life leading to the ultimate choices of Brahe and Kepler. The Golum puppets exist in a ever shifting world of constellations morphing in and out of a variety of environments. Illuminated by the designer/performers, Brahe’s life decays into oblivion while the numbers that have been his life work gain imortality.  
Baylor University/Dept.of Theatre Arts and Slavic Eastern and European Studies Division