If you are a student or an emerging artist and you want to come and be a part of Scenofest, but your financial resources are limited. There are grants out there that can assist you.

Where to start looking?

The first place to start is at your own school. Many Colleges and Universities offer grants to their students for these kind of initiatives, in particular there are often grants for Graduate students. They may also be able to provide you with a list of resources of granting bodies.

If you have graduated- Your National and Regional Arts Council may have emerging artist grants or resources for funding sources.

Your Regional or National Government may also have grant programmes that are applicable. Often a good key word is "youth programmes".

The internet is a great tool for finding grants but it can be hard to narrow your search here are some resources to help:




Youth Resources in Internet ­
Lists the internet addresses of international youth structures and youth resources, for funding, jobs, education, leisure activities and project management at the international level.



On the move: On-the-move is a web site dedicated to information about professional mobility in the areas of theatre, dance, music and other performing arts disciplines.

European Cultural Foundation operates Funders Online: A search tool for Europe's online philanthropic community.

European Youth Portal: Offers information, news and discussions in 22 languages, all about Europe relevant to young people. Includes information on EU funding initiatives for Youth.

United Kingdom funding ­ Information is mainly on the UK and the USA, but some European references are given.

Welcome Europe - Offers a wide range of funding opportunities from funding bodies acting at the European



North America:

Foundation Center:

Charity Village:


Here are some sources of funding:

BulkanKult Mobility Fund: A Fund that supports traveling or accommodation of artists and practitioners, including policy makers by covering the mobility scheme costs, in order to show their works and exchange experiences with colleagues from region and Europe.

STEP beyond, the ECF's travel fund STEP beyond, This fund encourages cross-border cultural cooperation and exchange between all European countries, including those that are not currently members of the European Union. STEP means 'Supporting Travel for European Projects'. STEP beyond supports individuals engaged in setting up exciting initiatives that will lead to greater understanding in the new Europe.

International Visegrad Fund: The Governments of countries of Visegrad Four (the Czech Republic, the Republic of Hungary, the Republic of Poland, and the Slovak Republic)jointly established this fund. The purpose of the Fund is to promote regional cooperation among Visegrad countries through supporting the development of common cultural, scientific, educational projects, exchanges between young people, and cross-border cooperation.

Fonds Roberto Cimetta: In collaboration with the European Cultural Foundation, the Roberto Cimetta Fund has set up a programme for awarding individual travel grants in the Mediterranean area. These cover travel and visa costs for trips such as attending professional cultural network meetings, workshops, and artistıs residences, festival, symposiums etc. 

If you still need assistance

Contact Info@scenofest