Puppetry, which is renowned internationally as a field of specialism in Prague. Has become a major influence to many designers and performance makers across the globe. During the Scenofest take part or witness the extraordinary work of puppet makers, scenographers, puppeteers, lighting and sound designers, in animating the inanimate, during a series of dynamic workshops and performances, led by the renowned scenographer, puppet maker and educator, Petr Matásek  See workshops page for more information.

Workplace Miroslav Trejtnar

Miroslav Trejtnar is an internationally renowned puppet sculptor. In his workplace, he will carve parts of wooden marionettes and film and record the process. He will then present a short film that captures the magical transformation from raw wood, to animated puppet.


In front of the Industrial palace Vystaviste three schools from across the world will join together to create an ever evolving presentation, each morning will begin with a symbolic recreation of the Phoenix, using object manipulation and varied materials, the journey from destruction to rebirth, and each evening as the Palace closes the cycle begins again, imagination and creativity combine in this transnational collaboration.

School Fruits

Students of, Academy of Performing Arts, DAMU Praha from Petr Matasek atelier will display results of study research on themes The Birds, Phoenix. Reach the heavens in performances, presentations, workshops and exhibition.  This will provide a clear and honest testimony of their creative process.


Terrible stories,  theatre Mimosaurus

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Babel Moments

Reaching for the Heavens (SCW01 & SCW11), Collaboration across all disciplines to create two late evening installation/performances on the 13th and the 18th of June

Puppet Group Leader: Petr Matasek