Scenofest 03

OISTAT's Scenofest '03 was extraordinarily successful.  Over 1000 people participated with students and teachers from over 200 schools from 45 countries.  It was joyous to observe the internationally mixed groups of students attending lectures, questioning design experts like Anna Viebrok, Max Keller, Jean-Guy Lecat, Petr Matasek and Heiner Goebbels, and working together in practical workshops.  Student participation gave new vitality each day of the PQ.  Scenofest was a constant experience of activities including sound and light design workshops; debates and critiques generated by the specially curated A Lear For Our Times exhibit; and student led "Design as Performance" presentations on the Scenofest Stage.  Scenofest '07 is building on this success, literally by building a tower of Babel of activity in the Central Hall, the Heart of the PQ  - creating what will be an unforgettable experience in Prague.

Michael Ramsaur,
Scenofest'03 Organizer and President of OISTAT


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