Simplicity in theatre is very sophisticated

Jean–Guy Lecat

,Renowned scenographer, architectural consultant and theatre maker, working with students and young performance practitioners, from across the world will create over two five day periods unique devised performance presentations, in a central Prague venue .

By bringing together young directors, actors, architects, designers and technicians, and creating in an intensely stimulating 5 day workshop, a piece of original performance, Jean Guy will help promote amongst all involved, a true understanding of the relationship between, space, performance and design. 

“Over the years we have worked together, Jean-Guy Lecat has developed a true and rare speciality - adapting and transforming of spaces to make theatrical events find their richest life. Today, he is in the position of sharing this knowledge with other practitioners. His workshops are the forums which make this possible”

                                        Peter Brook

“Adaptation of a space to the theatrical process today”

a joint collaboration project between Drama and Architecture students to explore the relationship between space and storytelling.  Students will be divided into groups comprised of a director, a writer, lighting designers, stage designers, sound designers and architects.  Each group will write and perform a short 30 minutes play within a space that they transform.  The groups can decide to work independently, dividing into separate sections, or work together in the space as a whole. Read more

Workshop with real transformation of an empty space

Participants split up into two or three mixed groups. They have five days for discussion and preparation. Each group has to write and play a short story (about 30mn long) and to transform the space with paper, (They can transform the space with paper but they can also use video or projections or colors on paper). The other groups might assist each group.

We will visit spaces or theatres all together evry days, and these visits are open to non participants of the workshop.
Every evening we will watch videos and THIS IS ALSO OPEN

Workshop participants

2 Groups with 30 to 40 participants in each

Workshop Venue

The NOD. A city centre venue providing a controlled working environment and an evening venue for performance

Workshop Schedule
The workshop will be repeated during the course of the 10 days offering 2 opportunities for participation

Workshop 1   13th to 17th June 
Workshop 2   19th to 23th June        

Performance presentations

17th of June at 7.30pm
23th of June at 7.30pm